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≈ Vaderkensdag

Uit de lichtjes fantastische serie Californication; een vaderdag-achtige quote.

To my son the writer.

Something I never said too much. My father said it not much either. I thought I’d be better, but I guess I’m not. I try, but somewhere along the lines, you slip back to what you know and I’m sorry about that. I’m sorry we haven’t talked in a while.

You’re a good kid and a funny kid. And you’re my only son. I said I never read your books. But I lied. I read them all, I just didn’t know how to talk about them with you. I didn’t liked the fathers in them.

I know you writers take liberties, but I was afraid that maybe you’ve taken anything at all. But that’s the thing. Boys become men. Men become husbands and fathers and we do the best we can.

You’re doing the best you can. You’ve done good. Your books will be in libraries long after we’re both gone. And this is important. More important is how you treat your family.

I wasn’t a perfect husband but I loved your mother and I’m glad we spent our lives together. And I’m here if you need me. That’s all I wanted to say.

Love your old man.

And I’m here if you need me. Ik wil er niet overdreven emotioneel over doen, maar dat is ondertussen al 25 jaar de lijfspreuk van mijn vader. Gracias.

June 8th, 2008  |  Published in ≈ Terzijdes
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≈ Desktop Lekkers

Een collectie van wallpapers die ferm de moeite is.

June 8th, 2008  |  Published in ≈ Terzijdes
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≈ Burn after reading

Burn after reading; nieuwe film van The Coen Brothers met Brad Pitt. En. Sledgehammer. Doet. Mee. Dat de film maar gauw een releasedatum krijgt.

June 1st, 2008  |  Published in ≈ Terzijdes
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