≈ Waarom mannen naar ‘Gossip Girl’ kijken

September 6th, 2008  |  Geschreven in ≈ Terzijdes

Eentje voor collega B: Waarom mannen naar ‘Gossip Girl’ kijken.

Of course, it’s not new that macho men will occasionally watch female-skewing shows, but when they admit it, there’s typically an excuse or an apology appended. Among the defenses:

The “I do it to get chicks” defense: “I once told this girl at a bar that she was the Gaby Solis of her group of friends. She was so impressed with my knowledge of ‘Desperate Housewives,’ she went home with me. No lie.”
The “Women are from Venus” defense: “I watched ‘Army Wives’ once,  just so I could laugh at it, y’know. Chicks and their soaps.”
The “It’s my girlfriend’s fault” defense: “I watch ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ but only because my girlfriend’s into it. Besides, have you seen that Sandra Oh? More like Sandra Oh Yeah!”


Listen up, guys: “Gossip Girl” is guy-friendly, and not just because of the eye candy (which you can find on plenty of other shows). It’s because “Gossip” is the show for girls that doesn’t make guys feel like morons. And if it helps get chicks, that couldn’t hurt, right?

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