≈ Waarom Malcom Gladwell Outliers schreef

In een interview met The Times vertelt Malcom Gladwell waarom hij Outliers heeft geschreven:

He was inspired to write Outlier by reading countless stories about chief executives earning multimillion-dollar salaries. “I just got annoyed,” he says on the phone from his apartment in downtown New York, “at the self-righteousness of their justification of why they deserved that much money. I don’t feel I deserve the money I make, and I don’t make $300 million a year!”

November 30th, 2008  |  Published in ≈ Terzijdes
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≈ Thrisis

Thrisis, een vroege mid-lifecrisis voor thirty-somethings:

If you’re in your mid-thirties, hassled by the dramas of juggling work and family, doubting decisions you’ve made professionally and personally, panicked by the ageing process and dismayed that your years of snogging in nightclubs are behind you, then you’re probably in the grip of an early midlife crisis – otherwise known as a thrisis.

April 17th, 2008  |  Published in ≈ Terzijdes
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